2020, A Year in Retrospect

Wow, 2020, what a year. I actually can’t believe how much has happened this year. Everyone has been through the absolute wringer with the Coronavirus pandemic, and we have finally made it to the end of December.

Where do I even start with this year. January, holidaying in New Zealand, visiting family and friends, having a panic attack when my flatmate back in London kicked me out, paramedics being called. A good time if I do say so myself. I joke, the beginning of the year was an absolute blast. I moved into a flat of my own in Croydon (don’t judge, I loved it), and decorated to my heart’s (and IKEA’s catalogue’s) content.

It was absolutely great having my own place. Once the pandemic hit, along with the lockdown, my partner moved in. In hindsight, a studio is not the best place to be stuck with a significant other with no means of escape, but we managed to make it work. I definitely do not miss having to work from home. Or in my case, work for an hour and then state “Sorry guys, my net has crashed”, before buggering off for an hour long walk and a stop by Tescos to get some ice cream. Man, I do not miss the hour wait to get into the supermarket, face masked, to discover that there is no toilet paper, no eggs, no flour. I’m pretty sure we survived mainly on cheap wine from Lidl.

Life like this became routine until August came. My UK visa had come to an end, after two years, the life I had created for myself was being ripped away from me, and I could do nothing to stop it. My work kindly advised they wouldn’t sponsor me, and with my already high boredom of the job, my work ethic then went flying out the window. After being thrown an amazing surprise “deportation party”, and saying very hard farewells to my partner’s family, I boarded a very deserted flight from Heathrow back to New Zealand via Singapore. I have flown this route a few times in my life, and it was eerie to see how empty the plane was. All Kiwi’s returning to New Zealand as we were the only ones allowed into the country.

Once I landed, I was whisked off to a managed isolation hotel, and honestly I cannot complain. Two weeks of Netflix, food being brought to my door, sleeping as much as I like, more baths than I can count of one hand. It was bliss. Then back to my parent’s new house in Taupo where I have been settled ever since. On the job hunt, and on the dole. My partner and I did end up separating due to the pressure of being separated and not knowing when we will see each other again, he is still an absolute gem though. After a couple of months, I caved and ended up adopting a rescue dog, who is now my best friend and I absolutely adore.

I haven’t forgot about this blog all through my time at home. I have felt that I have not been in the right headspace to write, as much as I have wanted to. I have recipes up my sleeve ready to share, along with some other life adventures that I plan to be pursuing in the future.

My time in London was amazing, I made some great friends and learnt so much about myself as an person and individual, but being back in New Zealand has given me the time to reflect on the different aspects of self-discovery and what I value as important.

Here is to 2021, and all the adventures it brings.

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